Alexandria Soccer

2012 Rec League Festival

May 19th for all ASA Recreation League teams U5-U10


Inagural Rec Festival

May 19th 2012
at Simpson Soccer Fields (426 E. Monroe st.)
and George Washington Middle School Field #1 (1005 Mount Vernon Ave.)
All ASA Rec teams U5-U10 are invited to particpate in the first ever Rec Festival in partnership with D.C. United.  The event will feature two
games for each team, D.C United player appearance, soccer tennis, Speed shot, dribbling challenge course and much more.  Food, drinks, and
ASA spiritwear will be for sale.  Younger players will have a great opportunity to watch older ASA players compete and interact
with the ASA technical staff.
There will be volunteers to assist with parking, field marshalls, and ASA staff stationed throughout Simpson. 
D.C. United staff will be on hand to answer questions about the Alexandria Night at RFK that evening.
Important Note: For games before 11am please come to the fields via Route 1.  Mount Vernon Ave, Commonwealth, and
Braddock Road will be closed until 10:30am due to a road race.  There is No Parking allowed on Duncan AvenuePlease use
Monroe st, Leslie st, and Dewitt st. (south of Monroe st.) for parking.  We encourage carpooling and/or alternate forms of
transport (walk or bike). 
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled game as we will start games right on time
  • First team in Schedule below wears BLUE and second team wears RED.  Bring both jerseys!
  • Expect Parking to be very difficult so please allow for extra time.  Please park legally and respect the local businesses. 
  • The D.C. United player will be on hand 10:30- Noon
  • Food and drinks are available from 9am-2pm
  • A special ASA Raffle for USA vs. Brazil tickets and other ASA gear will be at the headquarters tent to benefit our Scholarship Fund
  • No dogs are allowed inside Simpson Soccer
 Below is the Final schedule:

Field Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4
Age U5 U5 U6 U6
Format 3v3 3v3 3v3 3v3
9:00am - 9:25am Hayden vs. Kirk Fritz vs.Roche Androus vs. Waller Burbage vs. McDermott
9:30am - 9:55am Hayden vs. Fritz Kirk vs. Roche Androus vs. Burbage Waller vs. McDermott
10:00am - 10:25am Barrett vs. Fortune Somers vs. Sommer Shearer vs. Chader Damiani vs. Fagan
10:30am - 10:55am Barrett vs. Somers Fortune vs. Perez-Arrieta Shearer vs. Damiani Chader vs. Fagan
11:00am - 11:25am Davis vs. Hodges Perez-Arrieta vs. Organek Baas vs. Tuttle Sherner vs. Reilly
11:30am - 11:55am Davis vs. Perez-Arrieta Hodges vs. Organek Baas vs. Sherner Tuttle vs. Reilly
12:00pm - 12:25pm Collard vs. Art Witebsky Smallman vs. Goldstein Cheney vs. Paduchik Santiago vs. King
12:30pm - 12:55pm Norman vs. Collard McCluskey vs. Goldstein Waldhoff vs. John Miller vs. Murguia
1:00pm - 1:25pm Smallman vs. McCluskey Art Witebsky vs. Norman Marsh vs. Reyes Cheney vs. Santiago
1:30pm - 1:55pm Waldhoff vs. Miller Marsh vs. John Reyes vs. Murguia King vs. Paduchik
Field Field 5 Field 6 Field 7 Field 8
Age U7 U7 U8 + U10 Girls U8 + U10 Girls
Format 4v4 4v4 4v4 4v4
9:00am - 9:25am Duvall vs. Mueller Gutierrez vs. Wainstein McNabb vs. Moore O'Brien vs. Margarella
9:30am - 9:55am Duvall vs. Gutierrez Mueller vs. Wainstein McNabb vs. O'Brien Moore vs. Margarella
10:00am - 10:25am Munson vs. Constant Fraser vs. Medearis Lucchesi vs. Boggess Schaefer vs. Rauner
10:30am - 10:55am Art Witebsky vs. Swanson Roche vs. Medearis Martin vs. Temoshok Lucchesi vs. Schaefer
11:00am - 11:25am Constant vs. Art Witebsky Fraser vs. Roche Boggess vs. Martin Rauner vs. Temoshok
11:30am - 11:55am Munson vs. Swanson Wentzel vs. Wojda Chiarello vs. Hunt Marietta vs. Witebsky
12:00pm - 12:25pm Stouffer vs. Kelly Peterson  vs. Wojda Chiarello vs. Layman  Witebsky vs. Hunt
12:30pm - 12:55pm Stouffer vs. Wentzel Peterson vs. Kelly Marietta vs. Layman  
1:00pm - 1:25pm Howe vs. Courtney  Martinez vs. Kohout Russell vs. Ed Ryan - U10  
1:30pm - 1:55pm Howe vs. Denby  Martinez vs. Wiedemer Cizek vs. Kane - U10  
2:00pm - 2:25pm Kohout vs. Courtney Wiedemer vs. Denby  Lehmkuler vs. Forsht  
Field Field 9 Field 10 Auxillary Field  
Age U9 + U10 boys U9 + U10 boys U9 Girls + U10 Girls  
11:00am - 11:25am Miller vs. Benson Lacey vs. Barbour 10:30am - 10:55am Lambert v Haddock
11:30am - 11:55am Porterfield vs. Smith Lacey vs. Lucchesi 11:00am - 11:25am Bucholz v Haddock
12:00pm - 12:25pm Ball vs. Smith Oliveri vs. Barbour 11:30am - 11:55am Bucholz v Larson
12:30pm - 12:55pm Benson vs. Porterfield Miller vs. Lucchesi 12:00pm - 12:25pm Larson v Metzler
1:00pm - 1:25pm Belevetz vs. Judd Oliveri vs. Ball 12:30pm - 12:55pm Ed Ryan vs. Kane - U10
1:30pm - 1:55pm Trejo vs. Wright Ryan vs. Schlegel 1:00pm - 1:25pm Cizek vs. COOK - U10
2:00pm - 2:25pm Judd vs. Trejo Belevetz vs. Schlegel 1:30pm - 1:55pm Russell vs. Cook - U10
2:30pm - 2:55pm   Ryan vs. Wright    

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