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ASA 2020: Shaping the Future ASA


Press Release: May 2016
ASA 2020: Shaping the Future ASA
In the Fall of 2015 the Alexandria Soccer Association (ASA) Board of Directors and staff executive leadership committed to formulating a strategy that sets the direction for the organization’s success as the premier provider of soccer for the children of Alexandria and the surrounding communities.  The team set out to shape a shared strategic perspective that includes: a compelling vision, meaningful values that guide behavior as we deliver on our mission to “provide instructional and competitive soccer programs that develop and motivate youth, build character, and make a positive impact on Alexandria and surrounding communities”, and to identify the strategic priorities that move us clearly toward that vision.  ASA, with funding support from ACT for Alexandria, hired Leigh Shields Associates as a consultant to guide club wide strategy formulation and initiate the development of plans to execute initiatives over the next year. Stakeholders in the club have come together over the past eight months to develop a clear vision, mission, values and strategic objectives.
Vision: Be the gold standard for community based soccer clubs -- creating a lifelong love of soccer and impacting the community beyond the sport.
Mission: The mission of Alexandria Soccer Association is to provide high quality instructional soccer and futsal programs that develop and motivate youth, build character, and make a positive impact on Alexandria and the surrounding communities.
  • We Create Community
  • We Are Accountable
  • We Persevere
  • We Develop The Whole Person
Strategic Objectives:  
  • Provide a premier soccer experience club wide that progresses and develops players within the game
  • Promote participation through engagement with the communities least represented populations
  • Ensure facility availability, development and appropriate access throughout city
  • Support and develop the volunteer base in line with organization growth
  • Board of Directors develops and builds capacity in line with the organization growth
  • Proactively resource the ASA staff to ensure developmental opportunities to support program growth
  • Become the premier provider of Futsal in the region
  • Diversify funding sources
The completion of the in depth planning process will transition to the execution phase Summer of 2016. As ASA implements the prioritized strategic initiatives, the club will also implement a monitoring and analysis process to ensure that the program is accomplishing its intended effect.  This will allow ASA to enhance and refine our focus and impact as it continues to mature.  
Primary Outcomes:
  • Clarity of and alignment around our vision, values and mission supported by strategic priorities;
  • Staff is committed to successful implementation of key initiatives in the context of understanding the vision, values and strategic priorities established by the BOD;
  • By developing a clear vision with strategic objectives to guide the organization initiatives over the next 3 years in this process, ASA will be able to;
(1) reach more of Alexandria’s kids,
(2) advocate for more safe places to play in the community,
(3) build the sustainability of ASA,
(4) invest in the existing program quality,
(5) introduce new programs that benefit the ASA community
Special thanks to Leigh Shields for his continued work with the stakeholders in the planning process.  In addition, this would not be possible without the continued support from ACT for Alexandria and their capacity building grants.
ASA relies on the communities support through volunteer roles including coaches, managers, committee roles, league reps and the Board of Directors. Should you have interest in volunteering in any capacity or participating in the annual planning process please contact the Strategic Planning committee chair Todd Carroll ( or Executive Director Tommy Park (
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