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Concussion Policy

Alexandria Soccer Association Concussion Management Policy

Virginia and many states have laws to protect athletes from the harmful effects of head injuries. Alexandria Soccer Association expects the travel coaches and technical staff to be aware of their role in: (1) upholding the Virginia state laws and VYSA concussion policy (2) educating parents, and athletes on the risks involved with concussions and contact sports (3) removing athlete from play if concussion is suspected, and (4) requiring a medical opinions stating the athlete can return to play.

State of Virginia code        

22.1-271.5 2). A student-athlete suspected by that student-athlete's coach, athletic trainer, or team physician of sustaining a concussion or brain injury in a practice or game shall be removed from the activity at that time. A student-athlete who has been removed from play, evaluated, and suspected to have a concussion or brain injury shall not return to play that same day nor until (i) evaluated by an appropriate licensed health care provider as determined by the Board of Education and (ii) in receipt of written clearance to return to play from such licensed health care provider.

Coach Action Plan

During a suspected concussion, it is imperative that the athlete be removed from play immediately. For ANY suspected concussion, the PLAYER MUST SIT OUT FOR THE REMAINDER OF TRAINING/MATCH (VYSA)

For athletes who are unable to stand up after an injury, the proper first-aid emergency procedures should be followed. For athletes who have sustained an impact but can make their own way off the field, the following protocol is recommended:

  1. Remove from Play

  2. Sideline Assessment

  3. Re-evaluation

  4. Complete ASA injury reporting protocol within 5 hours of incident

BE AWARE: Studies have shown that many athletes do not report concussion symptoms to coaches, parents, and trainer’s because they do not know what the symptoms feel like. However, athletes who have received concussion education are more likely to tell their coaches when they are feeling symptomatic. (Sport Concussion Institute)

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