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2015 Alexandria Soccer Kick-Off (ASK)

The 2015 Alexandria Kick-Off (ASK) for both boys and girls has been completed. 

Begin planning for 2016:

March 12 & 13 - ASK Girls Weekend for U9-U12
March 19 & 20 - ASK Boys Weekend for U9-U12

2015 Alexandria Soccer Kick-Off (ASK)

Boys Weekend - March 14 & 15, 2015 (Schedule)
Girls Weekend - March 21 & 22, 2015 (Schedule)


The 2015 ASK event will be on two weekends to accommodate the growing interest from U9-U12 boys and girls travel teams. The "friendlies" format encourages an emphasis on a development focused style of play instead of a win at all costs approach.  This allows coaches and players at these youngest competitive age groups to play multiple games over the weekend without the stress of winning a game or tournament. Participating teams will play three (3) games against appropriate level competition on premium turf and bermuda grass fields at a very reasonable cost.
Why this format? While clubs, teams and coaches rightfully want their players to be both competitive as individuals and as a team, the idea of 'winning' a game at the youngest ages can get in the way of their overall development. All too often in tournament settings coaches and parents put immense pressure on the players to 'win at all costs' so they can progress to the championship game. This structure and mentality can get in the way of the weeks, months or even years of hard work teaching kids the fundamentals of tactical play (ie. building out of the back) and proper technical habits (ie. receive across your body).
As many studies have shown, breaking a bad habit takes a long time to do. This format serves to allow coaches to continue shaping their players development and not throwing everything previously taught or learned out the window to win a preseason game.
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