Alexandria Soccer Academy


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is your event different than a normal tournament set-up?

  • Alexandria Soccer Kick-Off (ASK) promotes the developmental model over the pressure of winning a preseason tournament at the U9 and U10 age group. Each team will play a set amount of 3 games, with no playoff system to award teams that outscored the opponent.
  • ASK has expanded to include a tournament for the U11 and U12 age groups for 2016.

What are the basic details of the games?

  • 50 minute games: Two (2) 25 minute halves for U9 & U10
  • 60 minute games: Two (2) 30 minute halves for U11 & U12
  • 1 referee per game, older age groups will have more experienced referee’s
  • 1 referee and 2 assistant referees will be scheduled for the U11 & U12 championship game
  • U9 & U10 will play 7v7
  • U11 & U12 will play 8v8

What is the level of play?

  • We expect travel teams of all levels to register.
  • Teams will be asked for their preferred level of play and we will group like teams together based on teams suggestions and our knowledge of the applied teams.

Is this a recreational or travel event?

  • Travel teams only.

When will our schedule be announced?

  • Our timeline is listed on the event page and provides a guideline for announcements. We anticipate providing each team with their schedule 1-2 weeks before the event weekend.

Where will our games be?

  • ASK has reserved a number of turf fields in Alexandria City  to allow for each team to play all their games on turf, based on projected number of teams.
  • ASK also has reserved premium Bermuda grass fields in Alexandria City as back-ups if we exceed our projections.
  • You can view the reserved fields on the event page under “fields”.

Additional questions? Please contact the ASK Director Jim Hogan at or call (703) 684-5425


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