Alexandria Soccer

League Rules

Golden Rule

ASA expects individuals to respect the league's culture of fair, fun, competitive play. Innapropriate language and rough play will not be tolerated and individuals or teams who cannot adhere to ASA standards or sportsmanship may be asked to leave the league.

Any abusive or threatening behaviours towards another player, fan, referee or administrator will not be tolerated. Fighting will not be tolerated. Any teams or players involved in a fight will be removed from the current league and potentially any future leagues.


1. Futsal is played 5v5 and therefore team roster sizes should be between 8-14.

2. Only registered ASA players are allowed to play on a given team. ASA retains the right to suspend any team playing with unregistered players.

3. Coed Futsal teams must field at least one (1) female at all times.

Player Equipment

All players must wear shin guards with socks that completely cover them.

Jewelry of any kind is prohibited. Tapping bracelets and earring is not acceptable - they must be removed. A yellow card can be issued for the player who doesn’t follow this rule.

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