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Adult Outdoor FAQs

Is this a competitive league?

We offer different divisions of competition to offer appropriate levels of play for everyone. Division 1 is the most competitive division with who have players with significant soccer or futsal experience. Division 2 is for slightly less experienced players or those that are looking for a slightly slower speed of play. Men's 35+ is for everyone over 35. The COED Open Division is open to everyone and we anticipate a competitive environment with a range of skill.

Are there gender requirements?

We have two different leagues - Coed and Men's. For coed futsal there must be two (2) women on the court at all times.

How old do you have to be to join?

All players must be 19 or older. Player's in the Men's 35+ Division must be 35 or older.

What if I don't know anyone? Can I register as an individual?

Yes! We offer registration for individual free agents as well as team registration. If you register as an individual we will place you on a team in the division you select. Individual registration is a great way to meet new people.

What about uniforms? Do we need them?

Teams should wear matching jersey's for games — they do not need numbers on the back. Teams that register a full roster may provide their own jerseys. Teams that are created from individual agents are encouraged to purchase ASA futsal jerseys (two jerseys, red and blue, for $20 total). You can purchase jersey's at any point, once your team is finalized you may contact our offices to purchase jerseys.

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