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Fall Challenge Program (U7-U8)

ASA U7 and U8 recreation players gain from professional training/curriculum

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ASA U7 and U8 Challenge Program

This program is designed for soccer players (and parents) who desire to make a stronger commitment to prioritizing player development. The goal is to expose your child to the structure and learning environment set by professional trainers while enjoying the "beautiful game". This creates the opportunity for our participants to be better prepared for the travel program curriculum and/or be a more polished player to further enjoy their recreational experience. 


Program Details:

Spring and Fall Seasons

  • For U7 and U8 Players ( 07/31/06 to 08/01/04)
  • At Simpson Soccer Bermuda Fields (426 East Monroe st.)
  • U7: Tuesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm; U8: Thursdays 5-6pm starting the week of September 17th
  • 8 Weeks of training each season
  • 4 Scheduled weekends Playdates typically on Sunday early afternoons
  • Cost is $110 per season
  • Includes premium field access, program performance shirt and all coaching fees for sessions and gamedays


Challenge Director:

Jim Hogan- Jim is a USSF "C" and National Youth Licensed coach who is the current U9 boys Age group Head coach for the ASA "Travel" program.  He started the Challenge program Fall 2011 and has seen many of the players exposed to the age appropirate curriculums graduate on to the Travel teams and/or enjoy more comfort and confidence in their Recreation experience.  


Training Focus:

Professional trainers focus on proper techniques surrounding dribbling and ball control, passing and receiving, attacking and defending and technical games, while not limiting the individuals creativity in order to become a better soccer player. Players are encouraged to participate in their recreational league structure while using this program to bring together a group of  players who are passionate about the game for additional professional practices and games.



Participants will have the opportunity to compete and be challenged by players with similar ability from other local clubs during weekend "Playdates".  At the end of the spring season ASA will also send a group of boys and girls to a local tournament or festival for the kids to enjoy a more advanced soccer environment while pushing themselves to show their developing skill set.


Parent/Guardian Information: 

ASA utilizes the Challenge Program as an avenue for parents and players to prepare themselves for possible future involvement in the Alexandria Travel program. ASA will encourage each family to commitment to this challenging, but fulfilling, soccer experience. Parents will be educated on the importance of player development rather than the scoreline. It is important that parents are aware of what is expected within each ASA program so their children can properly develop.

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