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Futsal League FAQs

Structure of the League

- U5 - U6 (PreK - K): Modified rules, 4v4, 1 GK and 3 playes on court. No scores or standings.  An ASA Staff Member/Coach will be on site along with volunteer coaches assisting to lead the games.  

- U7 & Up: 5v5 includes GKs. Futsal specific rules. Standings and scores kept and published.* 

*Includes futsal specfic certified referees

Why play Futsal?

Futsal is a fast paced 5-a-side soccer game that is widely played across the world and is officially recognized by FIFA. Futsal is widely considered a valuable tool in the development of players to assist them in becomming more technically proficient in situations of high pressure and tight space.

Key Skills and techniques used throughout futsal games are directly transferable to outdoor soccer. Futsal helps players:

  • Develop agility, balance, coordination and speed
  • Enhance comfort level with soccer ball at feet
  • Learn to make quick decisions while under pressure and in tight spaces
  • Develop & improve spatial awareness & movement
  • Improve passing, dribbling, turning, shooting and ball control 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there practices for futsal teams participating in the futsal league? 
A: No. Gym space is limited and we are unable to accommodate practices for all 200+ futsal league teams.  When the weather allows, we do encourage teams to take advantage of outdoor futsal courts located at William Ramsay, Powhatan Courts (off of Route 1), and Four Mile Courts (located behind MOMs Organic Grocery on Mt. Vernon Ave).  We also encourage players and teams to participate in our Winter Futsal Ball Mastery program to receive training in November/December prior to the start of the league. 


Q:  How do I register my child?
A: Individual & Team Registration is available.  If you would like to create a team, register your team from the fall, or even register a group of neighborhood friends, you can do the team registration. Or, you can register as an individual free agent, in which ASA will appropriately place your child on a team. 


Q: How are teams formed? 
A: For players who register as individuals: ASA will do our best to first find an already formed team appropriate level teams to add your player to as a "Free Agent."  There are instances where a team of all free agents must be formed. We do understand that a team of free agents may have not played before together and that the players may not know each other. We do our absolute best to place these teams appropriately and to provide extra attention to these teams as they may have more difficulty in the game environment if playing against a team that does practice together and know each other.  Again, we will do our absolute best to place these teams appropriately. 


Q: Who is going to coach my child's team? 
A: Players who register as individuals and are part of a free agent team will be assigned an ASA Coach.  


Q: Will the uniforms for the Futsal league be the same as last year's? 
A: Yes, teams are required to wear black & neon yellow futsal jersey unless the team provides their own jerseys. 


Q: What if I don't have the Black or Neon Yellow ASA Futsal jersey? 
A: Jerseys are available in the ASA office for $20 ($10 each). They are NOT included in the registration fee.  


Q: There are so many different options and I am confused about which program to register my child for... 
A: We encourage you to read through information for each program offering. Additionally you can call the office and speak to Chris Arnold about the futsal programs. 1) Futsal Ball Mastery 2) Futsal League 3) Futsal ID Program. 


Q: During the futsal ball mastery program and futsal league, how will players be grouped? 
A: We work extremely hard to group players appropriately by skill level to maximize development. For example, recreational level players are grouped with other players of similiar ability. Academy (travel) players are groupd with player of similar ability. 


Q: Can I get a refund? 
A: Refunds can be provided if the participant withdraws prior to the first game or session. Any other circumstance will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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