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New Travel Program Age Group Birth Year Sessions

Open to all interested in 2016/2017 Travel Soccer

Alexandria Soccer Association
New Travel Program Age Group Birth Year Sessions
Open To All Interested
IMPORTANT: The purpose of this session is for current ASA players to meet next year's age group coaches and socialize with players in the new birth year age group structure. In addition, new players interested in the program for next year may attend for the same reason.  Please contact Travel program director Ryan Rich with any questions regarding the OPEN birth year age group sessions at

See below for the schedules for each age group and gender.  

Note: Some age groups are listed seperately but may be combined with another age group when appropriate.


Spring 2016 Birth Year Session #1 (Thursday, April 28th)
Birth Year/Gender Location Time Lead Coach/Age Group Head Coach
2003 Girls Witter #1A 7:00-8:00pm Ryan Alexander
2002 Girls  Witter #1A 8:00-9:00pm Ryan Alexander
2000/2001 Girls Witter #1B 7:30-8:30pm Will Hanna/Gonzalo Ramella
1998/1999 Girls Witter #1B 7:30-8:30pm Ryan Rich
2001 Boys Witter #2 6:30-7:30pm Glenn Gray
2000 Boys Witter #2A 7:30-8:30pm Ricardo Salamanca
1999/1998 Boys Witter #2B 7:30-8:30pm Chris Arnold


Spring 2016 Birth Year Session #2 (Friday, April 29th)
Birth Year/Gender  Location Time Lead Coach/Age Group Head Coach
2008 Girls Simpson #1A   4:15-5:15pm   Peja Ilic
2008 Boys Simpson #2A 4:15-5:15pm James Myers
2007 Girls Simpson #1A 5:15-6:15pm Peja Ilic
2007 Boys Simpson #2A 5:15-6:15pm Jim Hogan
2006 Girls Simpson #1B 4:15-5:15pm Ryan Rich
2006 Boys Simpson #2B 4:15-5:15pm Grigor Boychev
2005 Girls Simpson #1B 5:15-6:15pm Katie Alonso
2005 Boys Simpson #2B 5:15-6:15pm Grigor Boychev
2004 Girls Simpson #1A 6:15-7:15pm Will Hanna
2004 Boys Simpson #2A 6:15-7:15pm Thomas Wasley
2003 Boys Simpson #2A 7:15-8:15pm Thomas Wasley
2002 Boys Simpson #2B 6:15-7:15pm Chris Arnold


Field Address:

  • Simpson Field: 426 E. Monroe Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301
  • Witter Field: 2700 Witter St., Alexandria, VA 22314

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