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US Youth Soccer does a nice job explaining the process of a the goal kick scenerio and different points of view to consider both technically and tactically. Read more here.

Technique of kicking a "driven ball" (from the link above):

  1. Visually pick out the spot or teammate to pass the ball.
  2. Eyes now focus on the ball while taking measured steps to the ball.
  3. Plant foot goes beside the ball about 4 or 5 inches to the side.
  4. Toes of the plant foot should point toward the target (that will help turn the hips toward the target on the follow through).
  5. The knee of the standing leg should be slightly bent.
  6. Lean slightly backwards.
  7. The head should be steady with the eyes on the ball.
  8. The backswing of the kicking leg comes from the hip, although the knee of that leg will bend.
  9. Arms out slightly to the sides for good balance.
  10. Point the toes of the kicking foot downward with the ankle of that foot locking it into place.
  11. Swing with the whole leg from the hip.
  12. Strike the ball at a 45° angle so that the toes go slightly under the ball to provide lift and the instep drives through the ball to provide propulsion.
  13. Follow through with the kicking foot toward the target.

Drying out GK Gloves

Many of our soccer games are played in the rainy fall and spring seasons. Here are a few tips on drying out and/or washing your GK gloves after a game in the rain.

Here is how to dry out GK gloves after playing in the rain, or after washing them with a mild liquid hand soap or dish washing solution:
Lay an old towel flat on the floor and lay gloves face down and side by side on top of the towel. Fold the towel over the top of the gloves. Then step barefoot (or in flat shoes) on top of the towel getting pressure on each part of the gloves. Move the gloves to an dry spot on the towel and repeat. Then just leave the gloves lying on the towel to air dry.

Speaking from personal experience, a ritual that Rick Wilcox had was to always wash his gloves on the morning of a game day, so they were clean and just a little moist at game time. To wash GK gloves, lather hands with just a dollop of liquid soap and spread the soap over the surface of the gloves. Rinse and squeeze them out, and repeat over and over until the bubbles are all gone. Then dry as described above.

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