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ASA "TOTS" Program announced

Starts 9/29


Ages: 2 to 5 years old

ASA and new Executive Director, Tommy Park, introduces its “TOTS” program specifically for our youngest players; aged 2 to 5 years old.  The program goal is to provide children with a way to learn basic motor skills and get exercise through the world’s sport – soccer.  Hurry to sign up as there is a limit to how many Tots we can accept!

Options for practice (Choose One):

at Ben Brenman Park (4800 Brenman Park Drive) Begins September, 29th
·         11:00am – 11:45am; 2 and 3 year olds
·         12:00pm – 12:45pm; 4 and 5 year olds 
at Charles Barrett Recreation Center‎ (1115 Martha Custis Drive )
·         10:00am – 10:45am; 2 and 3 year olds
·         11:00am – 11:45am; 4 and 5 year olds


What to Expect:
Children required to bring their OWN ball and water
·         Cleats or tennis shoes can be worn outdoor; tennis shoes for any indoor training
·         Parents are required to stay during practice sessions
·         Unique age-group appropriate curriculum
·         Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!

 Cost: $65 for six weeks

 Registration: Sign up before 9/26 by filling out form below and mailing check to ASA. Email confirmation and questions to  Please email for late registration possibilities.  Admission based on capacity limits. 

 Tots Program Director: Chris Arnold. USSF certified coach. Former NCAA Division 1 and professional player

 To sign up please print and return the registration form to ASA offices

ATTN: TOTS Program Mailing Address: ASA, PO Box 25996, Alexandria, VA, 22313

ASA “TOTS” Registration Form

Pick one day

Ages          Thursdays                Saturdays  

                   @ Brenman              @ Barrett

Top of Form

2 - 3 yrs     11am ______         10am ______                               

4 – 5 yrs     12pm ______         11am ______                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Bottom of Form

Name of Participant(s) _____________________________________________

Age(s)____________________            Boy______            Girl_______

Parent/Guardian Name___________________________________________________


Contact Phone Number ____________________________



______ Check made out to ASA enclosed for $65

For questions, contact ASA Executive Director Tommy Park at

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