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Press Release: April 2016
Alexandria Soccer is excited to announce an official partnership with SMI (Soccer Marketing International) that will offer unique international opportunities throughout Europe for select ASA players.  SMI, directed by Kephren Fuller, is a northern Virginia based soccer company that has a goal to discover, scout, and provide international opportunities and exposure to American based soccer players.  SMI understands that the US Market is one of the emerging markets in terms of soccer talent globally and seeks to help players develop, gain exposure and ultimately place their talents in professional clubs overseas.  
SMI has direct ties with professional football club partners in Netherlands, Belgium, France and various clubs throughout Europe. SMI provides player opportunities to train directly with their trusted professional and amateur clubs. The training opportunities provided are generally regarded as trials to make an academy, amateur or pro team.
Why is SMI partnering with ASA and not simply scouting individuals?
SMI director Kephren Fuller comments on their only club partnership.
Alexandria Soccer is a club who has a clear approach to player development and a philosophy that is in line with our vision.  In the development of a player it is very important that players receive a soccer education that enhances their ability and soccer intelligence.  ASA is a club that really believes in a progressive possession based methodology and providing the opportunity for each individual to learn the tools necessary to play at a professional level.  Their methodology supports the development of qualities that SMI will look for in a player as we invite players to SMI sponsored opportunities. We are very excited to be partnering ASA in helping develop and identify players for unique opportunities in Europe for many years to come.

SMI will work closely with the ASA staff to inform select players within the club of opportunities on a rolling basis.  Generally these opportunities will be offered during the summer months or school spring breaks.  
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